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Do’s and Don’ts of File Shredding 

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You have an ethical and legal responsibility to protect the privacy of your employees and customers. The following are some of the do’s and don’ts of shredding private and confidential documents:

Do: Create a Schedule for Destruction of Documents

It is very vital to know when to shred your documents and destroy them when they already reach their last dates of disposition. You should consider having a scheduled paper shredding service in order to make sure that your files are properly destroyed on the scheduled date and time.

Don’t: Hoard Outdated Documents

Keeping your outdated files puts a higher risk on the privacy of the data they contain. The longer outdated files are kept, the more possibility that the confidential information will end up on someone else’s hands. Keeping private documents will also result to regulatory non-compliance penalties or fines.

Do: Always Shred Unnecessary or Outdated Documents

In order to prevent business fraud and identity theft, shred private files when they are not anymore of use. Since most paper shredding machines are just limited to basic cutting, enabling files to be reassembled by the use of specialized software or even by bare hands, outsource your file destruction to a more qualified and professional partner who utilizes topnotch document destruction tools.

Don’t: Throw Sensitive Documents in the Trash Bin

Sifting through your waste is one of the simplest ways for thieves to steal sensitive employee records, trade secrets and client information. Never throw personally identifiable information (PII), financial documents, or protected health information (PHI) in the recycling or trash receptacle.

Do: Invest in a Professional Paper Shredding Service

A secure professional paper shredding service gets rid of the hours wasted every month standing over your office paper shredder, thus, improving your company’s profitability and productivity. Secure shredding collection bin are technically placed through the entire office premises enabling documents to be quickly and properly disposed. The security collection bins are gathered on a quarterly, monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or daily basis and your files are shredded for you, depending on the number of information your company needs to shred.

Don’t: Use an Office Paper Shredder

Shredding files with the use of the office shredding machine takes effort as well as time. Destroying them on by one involves a lot of steps which includes:

  • You waste money, time and effort every time you use office paper shredding machines.
  • Throwing the bag of destroyed papers into the dumpster
  • Cleaning up of spilled particles of shredded materials
  • Emptying of shredding receptacle
  • Feeding every paper into the shredding machine
  • Separating the documents into easily-shredded portions
  • Getting rid of file folder or binder, sticky notes, staples, cardstock and paper clips

Do: Choose a Certified and Professional Shredding Service Provider

A professional shredding service provider definitely secures your privacy with strict procedures, independent audits and ongoing training.

 Don’t: Assume Privacy Security

The shredding industry is actually full of service providers with uncertain security practices. Always remember that privacy security is very important, therefore, hire only a shredding service provider who has trusted and verifiable security processes and can even handle reliable hard drive destruction Worcester MA.

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5 Best Practices that Can Help Protect Your Business Files 

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No matter how big or small the organization is, it surely has critical business documents. For example, are your employee files, financial records and patient charts safe and secured? In this article, we have highlighted some key practices for preserving and protecting your business documents.

    1. Make sure to Take Inventory

Making reliable inventories is considered as the very first step in preserving and protecting your business documents. Whether they are being stored on boxes, in file cabinets or on shelves, you need to know where files are stores. The moment you have more than one business office, you need to make sure that you include all the records that are also stored in those specific locations.

    1. Shred the Papers that You Don’t Need Anymore

It is not secure or practical to keep the documents past the legally mandated retention periods. The moment your records have reached their final disposition dates, it’s best that you shred them. Fortunately, paper shredding companies like paper shredding Worcester destroy your office documents within the strict custody chain of utilizing secure practices as well as employees that are all background-screened. Right after your office documents are shredded, most paper shredding companies will issue a certificate of destruction.

    1. Consider Making Digital Copies

If they are stored under the most reliable conditions, your documents can surely be preserved for a long period of time. However, it is definitely wise that you make some digital copies of your documents. Converting them to digital files will definitely protect them from floods, fires, as well as little mishaps such as coffee spills. Thus, whether you have a box of paper documents or even if you have an entire roof filled with files, then you should consider scan your record to make it safer and secure.

    1. Implement the Policy of Having a Clean Desk in Your Office

Certainly, a clean desk policy can be able to prevent confidential documents from being compromised through requiring your employees to eliminate documents from any unattended desks workstations, common areas, as well as conference room. A clean desk policy must be put in writing as well as distributed to all employees. You can also be able to conduct spot checks after and during business hours in order to verify their compliance with documented procedures and policies.

    1. Consider Storing Archives Offsite

We can all surely agree to the fact that office disasters and break-ins are impossible to predict. Thus, storing your paper documents offsite can protect them from any unexpected happenings. Actually, a commercial records center can help safeguard your files with features like:

  • In-rack fire suppression systems
  • High-density shelving units
  • Surveillance monitoring systems
  • Advanced fire detection technology

Furthermore, inventory technology can also track your document as well as allow your authorized employees to request those documents through a safe and secured client portal. Having said that, offside paper document storage can definitely keep your paper archival documents safe and secure for a long period of time.

Now that you already know how to keep your documents safe, we hope that you follow these steps in your working environment.

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Benefits of Using Professional Shredding Services 

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Proper destruction of sensitive documents is very important for securing employee files, business information as well as customer records. Protection of privacy should be your highest priority when using professional paper shredding services. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the right destruction of hard drive, for instance, you need to have a professional IT who has advanced knowledge on safe ways of electronic media destruction as your ordinary staff might not be fitted for the job. The following are some of the benefits of using professional shredding services like the one offered by

    1. Cost-Effective

The cost of keeping a shredding program is very high. You will have to buy paper shredders, purchase disposal bags, settle utility expenses, replace inoperable equipment and perform maintenance as well. Using shredding services, on the other hand, can save tons of money given the fact that you do not have to incur all these expenses.

      1. Increases Efficiency

Feeding paper through your paper shredding machine takes a lot of effort and time. With all the steps included in the process like oiling shredded blades, disclosing the shredded paper, cleaning up small particles of the papers, straightening the papers and removing staples and paper clips, it may take several hours of your entire team just to shred a few files. In addition to that, you may end up paying them only to get rid of the documents instead of gaining income for your company. However, the professional shredding services enable your personnel to maximize their time to help generate revenue for your company.

      1. Ensures Appropriate Recycling

Proper recycling of your files contributes to a better environment however, after making use of your local service, it’s very risky to set the needed materials aside for recycling. And besides, your crews might not know what they have to do in order to correctly recycle the waste materials. Professional paper shredding services do both recycling as well as shredding in closed structures protected by advanced security technologies and procedures.

        1. Protects the Companies Reputation

Your company reputation is actually your most vital asset. Without this reputation, you may not do any businesses at all. If you depend on your inexperienced crews to destroy the sensitive files, they may certainly fall into the wrong people’s hands. You may use the proper services to destroy the documents in order to be totally safe, since it no longer takes some time for a breach of privacy to become a headline.

        1. Offers Mobile Services

Some of the paper shredding services will collect your sensitive files and consequently get rid of them prior to shredding. The transport of the documents will take a long period of time and you do not exactly know how secured they are at that moment.

However, you may overcome this issue by hiring professional mobile services in order to make sure that the task is properly done in your premises. This provides you with a chance to closely manage the shredding work so you can be totally sure that the files were disposed of properly and securely.

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